How to win at craps: we reveal all our secrets to you


Want to go even further to make more money with craps? We have everything you need here! If you want to learn more about craps, we’ve listed the best craps tips in this section. Are you ready to optimize your bankroll?

Manage your budget!

No, this is not yet a bogus advice, we can hear you from here! The management of gambling capital, whether in craps or elsewhere, is essential to master to perfection. It’s totally in your best interest to protect yourself from the bad strokes of chance by mastering the only thing you have control over, your money.

Whether you play online or at a land-based casino, don’t be afraid to ration your chips or deposits to avoid overextending yourself and ending up frustrated and ruined. In craps, this self-control will be a blessing for you. Indeed, most casino games are based on chance and it is very tempting to try to outbid you as you lose by telling you that the jackpot is not far away. Don’t give in to these sirens and make it your primary goal to know how much money you have left at any given moment in the game.

You will find that becoming aware of these expenses will encourage you to manage your bankroll better. Balance risk-taking and caution to the maximum!

Increase your own advantage rather than that of the house!

In land-based and virtual casinos, craps works differently. On the Internet, the operator deducts a certain percentage from your winnings. For reference, on Don’t Pass or Don’t Come bets, this commission amounts to 1.36%, and Pass or Come bets are deducted 1.41% of the winnings. Before playing online craps, it is important to compare the rates of the deductions and study the bets you would like to make to avoid unpleasant surprises as much as possible. Also, take the time to choose the most advantageous variant for you, some of them push the house advantage up to 5.38%!

It’s not enough to watch all the craps games from one site, don’t hesitate to see what’s going on with other operators, we advise you the best!

Use tested and approved methods!

To reduce the casino’s advantage, there is a technique with a barbaric name, but very transparent to English speakers, the Sharpshooter method, translated as “the sniper”. All the subtlety of this method is described in this article!

Also, in order to better manage your capital (see our advice n1), and thus adopt a winning strategy, you can look into the Patient Field method. As you will have understood, this technique is not for players who want to spend a lot of time at the tables. Discover the secrets of this tactic here!

Do not forget that nevertheless, the most important thing remains:

  • self-confidence
  • calm and measured moves
  • interest in the game
  • the ability to analyze your opponents
  • knowing the rules and how to get around the pitfalls

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