Why You Can Fully Reckon On RNG While Playing Slots?

RNG in slots

In online casino games, the cards are somehow dealt out, the dice are rolled, and the symbols are selected for the slot reels. Imagine, you are on your way to hitting a jackpot on some of the stunning slots at Cookie Casino Canada. Who determines you as the winner? All this and other “randomnesses” are usually defined by a special mechanism – a Random Number Generator, or simply RNG. This is a reliable tool without which the proper operation of any online casino is rather unthinkable.

What is RNG?

The human dealer shuffles the cards with their hands and thus enables a random choice of two cards say for a Blackjack session. To do that, an online game then needs some mechanism that is able to generate a random result by applying a specific algorithm, that is, an RNG.

In fact, we have two types of RNG, one of which is based on a natural phenomenon or something. It may be, for instance, the swings in temperature which you cannot predict adequately. The second type employs complex mathematical algorithms. The main aim of both is to define incidentally the numbers, symbols, and whatever. This is the exact thing that makes the games indeed luck-based.

Can One Cheat the RNG?

In those far-off days when RNG tools had a time of their babehood, a talented mathematician would probably beat their pattern being predictable enough. However, today’s patterns used by RNGs are very difficult to calculate as their main idea is unpredictability. That means, there is no point in trying to work it out. This RNG feature is ensured by the usage of

  • several sources for generating results;
  • a protective encryption algorithm;
  • dedicated hardware placed out of reach and unable to be cheated

Plus a number of other measures too complicated to be explained in one line. But what is clear is that the answer to the above-stated question is, to a great extent, “no”.

Does Anyone Test the RNG?

Casino Video Slots Game Playing. Caucasian Woman Feeling Lucky in the Vegas Casino.

Then, for an online casino, the application of RNGs seems to be indispensable. However, these mechanisms can be and should be audited and certified by authorized organizations. You may have heard such names as eCogra or TST. The latter was founded in Canada, by the way. These are examples of reputable international companies whose certificates are a must for any reliable e-casino that claims fair gambling.

Thus, the above leads us to a conclusion that we can gamble at ease in any online casino knowing that the whole deal is fair and is a real plaything of fortune… or, that of an RNG. Certainly, it ought to be a trusted e-casino with all licenses and all the equipment including the random number generator fully certified.

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