Max Quest: the union of an iSlot 3D and a video game according to Betsoft

max quest money slot

Once again, the avant-garde game publisher surprises its audience with Max Quest Betsoft

Betsoft is a publisher that we no longer present. A pioneer in all categories: mobile games, 3D games, animations offering ever more advanced quality, Betsoft’s ultimate goal is to offer ever more innovative game options to its audience. It must be said that its 20 years of experience allows it to stay one step ahead of its competitors.

As a result, this versatile casino game provider is once again pushing the boundaries of traditional casino games. Having introduced the concept of iSlot in 3D to the world of iGaming, Betsoft wants to push the gaming experience to the next level with Max Quest: Wrath of RaTM and its completely new features.

Will you be able to steal the treasure of the god Ra and defeat his army in Max Quest casino game?

Max Quest: Wrath of RaTM [the ultimate quest: the rage of Ra], the foundations are laid with the name of this slot machine. So who is this raging Ra? Ra is the ancient sun god who was disturbed in his deep sleep.

A bunch of reckless explorers – greedy for riches? – ventured into the Egyptian temple of the sun god, in search of his treasure. The explorers, during their quest, broke the chest containing the treasure, waking Ra. The ancient god, however, had no intention of sharing his fortune, so he reincarnated his army of mummies to protect his wealth.

Ra’s treasure quest doesn’t wait, play anywhere with the Max Quest mobile version

  • As one of the leading mobile game providers in the world of iGaming, it is therefore obvious that Betsoft offers all its games available in portable versions. 
  • You will find Max QuestTM fully compatible with your Android and iOS devices, on smartphones and tablets.
  • Betsoft’s expertise in mobile games ultimately results in a game that is perfectly designed for mobile devices, but above all an ultra high-performance game. 
  • Max Quest: Wrath of RaTM is a perfect illustration of this:
    • a size of 3.7MB; 
    • using very fast uploads: 
    • 18 seconds with a 3G connection.

No “Max Quest free spins”, but many other features to earn money

Max Quest: Wrath of RaTM from Betsoft, a slot machine? The answer is ambiguous: yes and no at the same time. Indeed, Max QuestTM is still classified as an iSlot, but you won’t find reels or paylines in the game, let alone special symbols. To be more precise, Max QuestTM is a mix between a video game and a slot machine. It’s actually a lucrative video game with a payout rate of 96% and a maximum payout of 500 coins.

Indeed, just like a 3D slot machine, you will be immersed in Ra’s maze thanks to immersive graphics and sounds. To play and win money, the game is more like a video game than a slot machine. Indeed, choose your weapon and shoot the mummies of Ra’s army, the more mummies you kill, the more you win. Collect experience points (XP) throughout the game and enter the general ranking of the best players on the list to win the progressive jackpot. Please note that the jackpot jackpot is increased by 2% of each bet placed by all players connected to Max QuestTM!

Dare to venture into the maze of the god Ra for the best: the Max Quest bonuses are yours!

Any bonuses? How do I get bonuses on a slot that doesn’t offer Wild, Free Spins or Scatters symbols? Throughout the game, you will have to complete challenges, at the end of each one a final battle is scheduled. All minor opponents disappear from the playing surface, leaving room for one of the other ancient gods. You will therefore face this god in a fierce battle. As a reward, you will receive a generous handful of XP, but also a breastplate with special weapons and other cash rewards. You can’t wait and want to get one of the special weapons now? No problem: buy secret safes with your real money.

It’s time to introduce you to a feature that is a bonus … Without being a bonus. As they say: “there is strength in numbers”, ask your friends for help and build your team of up to 6 players. A few extra hands won’t be too much to eliminate the mummies that can rise from their ashes at any time! Play with your friends like a console game, but earn extra money. Quite a concept, isn’t it? Thank you Betsoft for this ingenious idea!

Finally, is Max QuestTM slot machine such a revolutionary game as it seems?

It is true that Betsoft has many surprises in store for us with Max Quest: Wrath of RaTM. More than just a slot machine, Betsoft takes casino gaming to the next level. We love the idea of winning money while playing a video game. The multiplayer mode adds a ‘social’ aspect to Max QuestTM, a point that can sometimes be blamed on the online casino.

In terms of design, there is nothing wrong with it. Betsoft confirms its leading position in 3D machines with ever-improved graphics. We appreciate the idea of an overall ranking, it is a good motivation for the most competitive players; all the more so as the prize pool is worth it. A jackpot fed by 2% of all the bets of the connected players, here is a small fortune in store. Our only reproach? Maybe we expected a little too much from Betsoft: virtual reality is not yet for the moment…

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