Medusa: NextGen’s must-play slot machine!

medusa screenshots slot

Believe in your oracle!

Open your ears wide for a little culture on this NextGen Gaming Slot Machine! Get ready to get in touch with Greek mythology, but more specifically with Medusa, who is the granddaughter of the union between the Earth (Gaia) and the Ocean (Pontos). Her hair is intertwined with snakes, and her name is synonymous with command or reign. Does it mean anything to you? Well know that we are talking about the same one! On the other hand, you must surely know that this little last of three sisters is the only one to be mortal! Yes, apparently the sacred immortal blood of the Gods has not reached her! So hoping that NextGen Gaming hasn’t given us false joy by making her immortal, you’ll see that there are many ways to hit the slot jackpot at MedusaTM!

Be careful that it doesn’t turn you to stone!

You will find yourself in a setting worthy of cartoons on Greco-Roman mythology! With pantheons sprouting from everywhere, helmets of soldiers who died in battle, the least we can say is that it’s a little bit bluesy. We tell ourselves that we risk going six feet under the ground before even turning the coils! However, nothing is played in advance, and you will see what we mean by that throughout our review! 

So what do we have here? 

  • Well, already the b.a.-ba, i.e. five reels and twenty-five paylines, as the NextGen Gaming tradition requires. 

And what did this game publisher put in place on these famous reels? 

  • Good question, and here we come, here is the ribbon of symbols you will be entitled to: a coin with the effigy of Medusa, earrings, vases, knives, snakes, a pantheon, bunches of green grapes, a portrait of a sexy Medusa, winged sandals and a soldier ready for battle!

So, are you intrigued by all this? Well, then you’ll have to think about betting, won’t you? Well, that’s a good decision, players! To start spinning the reels of Medusa’s snakehead, you’ll have to bet between $0.01 and $2 to get chips, and between $0.01 and $50 for real money bets! After that, you’ll be able to play one chip per payline, and slowly but surely you’ll reach the jackpot of 5,000 chips and $10,000!

Avoid the evil snakes to reach the jackpot!

So what does it say about the bonuses on MedusaTM? So let’s start with the slot machine symbol that could turn you into a stone statue! This is the portrait of Medusa, yes, yes, the sexy portrait we referred to above! Just know that if you’re lucky and line up three of these symbols on your reels, they will turn into stone, and you’ll get three re-spins! Your Scatter symbol will be the one from the machine logo, the one where it says Medusa in big gold letters! By getting five of these symbols, you’ll be able to inherit an additional 250 tokens!
NextGen Gaming will offer you another bonus in addition to the Wild and Scatter! This is the Pegasus bonus! Well yes, Hercules’ faithful steed! When three icons of this white horse appear on your reels, you’re guaranteed to win up to 50 times your starting bet! Clever beast, isn’t she? As you play, the more soldier symbols you collect, the more chances you’ll increase your chances of seeing your winnings multiplied by five! We forgot to tell you that the Scatter symbol can also get you up to 10 free spins, if you line up three in a row!

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