Reasons for the popularity of poker

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The thesis that goal of the game is maximum winnings achievement. can be found in many books and articles devoted to poker, as well as in blogs, audio, and video recordings. The thesis has long been an immutable truth, an axiom, a truth that cannot be challenged. However, it is far from being true.

There are quite a few players who like poker not because of the money at all. In other words, most of them sit down at the poker table not in order to win money.

Gambling for fun

The first type is people who play poker for fun. They do it simply because they like to play. As a rule, such players make small bets and usually choose Limit Hold’em, although there are also fans of No Limit format. To this category can be attributed the majority of players. About 65-75% of people play for fun, and none of them sit down at the table for the money. All of them are involved in poker for a good time. These players are found in casinos playing blackjack, baccarat or slots. For the most part, they lose, although luck does not always turn away from them. Even the ones who are noticeably stronger than the majority lose money, because they are constantly disturbed by rake and a lot of unnecessary tips, but it is normal for them. For players of the first type, the experience they get can be compared to a good dinner or a trip to a nightclub. They know that they will spend a decent amount, but they will get moral satisfaction.

Gambling for fun with features

The second type is more serious people who gamble for fun. They have a similar type to the first group, but also have some features. 

  • For them, an important point is the presence of the element of competition. 
  • People of this type understand the role of hard work and skill. 
  • In addition, many players of this type realize that winning will come to them only after they show diligence in learning and playing. It is unlikely that these people also play solely for the money. 

Yes, money is important to them, but it is not their primary goal. Winning satisfies their ego and ego, as it brings the awareness of achieving a certain amount of success in a very difficult game. Such players choose all limits, from small to very high stakes. They also value having a good time, while losses do not matter to them, especially if the experience gained was more important.

Most players of the second type lose on the distance. About 15-20% of players belong to this category.

Fun and money earning

The third type is people who play both for fun and to earn money. This type of players already cares a bit more about the financial side of the issue. They have a clear goal: to be a winner, though not to the maximum extent. Naturally, in order to achieve optimum financial performance, many opportunities and factors must be taken into consideration: 

  • playing in many rooms at different times of the day
  • searching for weak tables
  • studying large amounts of information on poker material
  • constantly improving strategies
  • changing their own game in accordance with new trends
  • taking into account their own results and participating in discussions.


The fourth type is semi-professional players. This type earns good money from the game, but they do not have enough money to prove themselves to the full extent. They play poker just for the money. Such players conduct a thorough study of the game, noticing for themselves any new strategic move or trick. Behind the ostentatious cheerfulness and distracted behavior at the table, as a rule, there is a serious concentration on the gameplay. This group of people is well aware of the subtleties of rake and other aspects of poker. Compared with the majority, they play more profitable, preferring to play in roums with the lowest rake and seriously choosing the tables for the game. About 3-4% of the total number of players can be referred to this group.


The fifth type is professionals. They make a small part of poker-players (about 1-2% of the total assets) and live their life in poker only. For them the game is absolutely everything, their job and hobby at the same time. Without winnings, they can’t pay their bills or do their shopping. For them, money in poker is life itself. Playing poker, players of this type have little fun; for them, it is, above all, “the hard way to a carefree life”.

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